Give Your Home a Smart Revolution

Technology is largely making remote and smart operations a reality. This is getting things done in an easy, convenient and efficient way from wherever one is. This is the smart revolution that is taking devices -and now homes, by storm. A smart home is not just a dream but also a reality thanks to technology. At the centre of this revolution is the smart phone.

There are so many things that a smart phone can be made to do in making the home smart. One can use the smart phone to boost home security in many ways. Sky Bell smart doorbell can be used to control the access to the house. It is fitted with a high resolution camera and speakers so that if one rings the bell, the owner of the house may check who it is through the smart phone connected to the Wi-Fi. The instructions can be given to the person ringing the bell even if it happens that the home owner is far away from home. He or she can view the activities outside the door through the smart phone. The doorbell is also fitted with motion sensors that activate the camera to start recording should there be any movement sensed outside the door. The smart phone will also set off the alarm with a simple command to the security system. When there is movement detected, one can view the threat through the camera as accessed via Wi-Fi. A simple instruction will set the alarm with an aim of scaring the intruder and actually calling for help. An SOS mail will be sent to designated numbers who will then respond to the emergency in many ways including seeking help from the law enforcement agencies. Also, there are many smart padlocks that are controlled by the smart phone. Kwikset kevo is an example of smart padlock. One uses the smart phone as a control and e-key to control and allow access. A guest is sent some codes to enable him or her access the house. This padlock uses the Bluetooth technology and the one to access has to be within a certain radius to use the e-key. The padlock also keeps an inventory of all the devices within the Bluetooth radius and the activities on the doors. It captures which devices were granted access, when and even what doors are open or closed. The smart phone is a very important link in actualizing this technology.

One can control so many devices in the house with the smart phone. A smart home theater system, smart television and even fridges and microwaves can be very easily controlled via a smart phone. An Android phone can be used as a remote control for the smart televisions. All one needs is to download the necessary application and you are set to go. A smart phone can pair with the digital assistants like Amazon Alexas and Google home to switch the smart radios and televisions on and off and even change the channels and control the volume levels. The smart microwaves can also receive instructions from smart phones and basing on their model and capabilities, prepare or warm designated foods as instructed. One does not need to be physically in the kitchen to see to it that the meals are warmed or correctly prepared. Samsung smart microwaves can prepare specific meals using pre-determined recipes downloaded from the internet.

This is but the tip of the iceberg. There is so much more that a smart phone can do with the digital and smart devices can do at home with the smart phone at the center of the revolution.

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